I Am Not Defined is committed to helping people understand that they are not defined by others opinions. People can judge someone all they want, but it does not define who they are as a person. Through my writing and advice, I hope to help people realize that being unique and different is a wonderful thing. I strongly believe that the world needs to realize that it is okay to be who you are!

If you would like to help me get my message out, you’re in the right place! I’d really like to get the word out, but I am only one person. If you think that anything I have to say is helpful to you, or others, I encourage you to share my page or posts.

It can be as simple as joining one of the IAND fan pages, and sharing them, or posts you find interesting.

IAND on Facebook


You can always share my pages via the share option at the bottom of every post! I’ve also been approached for a few interviews, and I am always a willing participant! I am always willing to share my opinion and thoughts! Look for links to the interviews I have done coming soon!

If you can think of some awesome new way to get the word out, please share! I am always looking for something new and fun! You can email me at

Thank you so much for helping me help others. I couldn’t do any of this without your support! Let’s make a change together!

“Life would be boring if we were all sheep. We need some Zebra’s in the herd.”


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